Finding Supported SCCM SQL Views​

I hate using random SQL Queries off the internet without understanding what the query is doing.  One reason why it is dangerous to use a random queries off the internet without testing in your own lab environment is because a bad query has the potential to cause locking on the database. I stumbled upon a […]

SCCM Collection SQL Views

There are two types of Collection Views in SCCM. Collection Membership Views Collection Property Views Collection View Description v_ClientCollectionMembers Lists all devices, by resource ID, that are not in an obsolete or decommissioned state, what collections the device is a member of, and whether the resource is a Configuration Manager client. The view can be […]

Collection Membership Query

If you are ever in a situation where you do not have Roger Zanders Right-click tools and you want to track down what collections a device is a member of, use the query below.   SELECT FCM.Name, FCM.CollectionID, C.Name FROM v_FullCollectionMembership AS FCM LEFT JOIN v_Collection AS C ON FCM.CollectionID = C.CollectionID WHERE FCM.Name = @DeviceName […]