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How to create a Windows 10 ConfigMgr Collection Query

In ConfigMgr you can create collections based on a group of Devices or Users, but not both.  Collections can be dynamically created based on a huge range of unique settings, for example, name, software installed, hardware, BIOS version and 100s of other settings.  A simple query to get used to started is based on Operating System.

If you would like to create a collection based on Windows 10, follow the steps belo;.

  1. From Assets and Compliance, Right-Click on Device Collections then click Create Device Collection.
  2. On the General page, provide a name for the collection, eg. Windows 10 Devices, then Browse to the Limiting Collection Desktops, then click NextWin

3.  On the Membership Rules page, click on Add Rule then select Query Rule.

4.  On the Query Rule Properties popup box, enter the name Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 10 (this is what we will be querying for).  Then Click on Edit Query Statement

5.  In the Query Statement Properties window.  Click on the Criteria tab.  Then click on the New Criterion Property icon 

6.  In the Criterion Properties window.  Use the following Settings, then click OK

Criterion TypeSimple Value
WhereSystem Resource – Operating System Name and Version
OperatorIs equal to
ValueMicrosoft Windows NT Workstation 10.0

  1. On the Query Statement Properties window.  Click OK
  1.  On the Query Rule Properties window, click OK

9.  On the Define Membership Rules page, click Next

10.  On the Summary page, click Next

On the Completion page, click Close


11.  After evaluating the collection should show all Windows 10 Devices

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